The Walk & Talk Consultation

Extensive fun + comprehensive walk-thru consultation with a certified home staging professional in an owner-occupied home.

Our consultation includes a comprehensive analysis of your entire home, from curb, inside each room and backyard, and will help get home owner on the fast track to a quick and profitable sale.

  • Strategic room-by-room evaluation with objective “buyer’s perspective eyes”

  • Optimal layout updates to guide the ‘buyer’s eye’ and direct emphasis to positives in each room

  • Recommendations for wall color selection, de-cluttering, and de-personalization.

  • List of recommended new and/or rental furniture + accessories needed to modernize the space

  • List of vital cosmetic improvements recommendations to update the look & feel of the space

Recommendations that focus on the use of furnishings the homeowner currently has (+ a sprinkle of new OR rented furniture and accessories if needed) to curate a buyer’s dream home within a short period of time.

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