The Walk & Talk


This is an extensive fun + comprehensive walk-thru consultation with a certified home staging professional.

Our consultation includes a comprehensive analysis of your entire home, from curb, inside each room and backyard, and will help get you on the fast track to a quick and profitable sale.
It includes following + much more:

  • Complete room-by-room evaluation with objective “buyer’s perspective eyes”

  • 8 steps in each room so that BUYERS FEEL AT HOME - visualize the home as theirs

  • Layout updates to guide the ‘buyer’s eye’ and change emphasis in each room

  • Recommendations for de-cluttering, optimal furniture layout, color selection + more

  • List of recommended new and/or rental furniture + accessories to modernize the space

  • List of vital cosmetic improvements recommendations to update the look & feel of the space

  • Essential "Open House Checklist" as guide for quick prep for open house days.

  • Essential "Closet Organization Checklist" as a guide to show maximum space availability while still making it function for daily use while home is on the market.

  • List of qualified, preferred resources provided e.g., painters, handymen, etc

  • Key steps to take for a high return-on-investment (ROI) from their home sale

  • Clear understanding of what is required to get the home elegant & beautifully show-ready

    • Time/Energy/Expertise/Cost required

  • Project timeline(s) & estimated costs (if needed)

At the end of this amazing walk & talk occupied staging consultation, the home owner will have a clear understanding of all the quick & easy steps needed to transform their home to a beautifully staged 'show-ready home' that target buyers will fall in love with immediately.

Most important is that recommended changes customized specifically to the home will incorporate use of furnishings the homeowner currently has (+ a sprinkle of new OR rented furniture and accessories if needed) to create a buyer’s dream within a short period of time.

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